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141st Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: white flag

by CheyenneAvila

the Last Child-

we called it Mercy.


Pulp of the Womb.

and my Mother still carries Its

white flag.

middle name: Surrender.

Altar Child, God knows your spirit.

once you were a Constellation.

now i remember you as a Tidal Wave.

and my Mother remembers

you as a Tear. (or maybe you became laughter on a Sunday


the unending spillage of eternities

on -what is this-

Rocky Shore?

or Terrain of Flesh?

all wet with life

home, here, this endless baptism

to be Holy. to be Clean.

you would have been Apocalypse,


but now you are sinking,

white flag.

our souls sing the same lament.

& you In eternal minor key.

141st Weekly Poetry Contest