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153rd Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: I dreamt a death

by KhuzaimaAli

And then it started,
The dawdling descend,
Eternally unnerving, unending
With flashes of misty madness
Till the numbing temple hits the earth.

A screeching moment,
Flees, absconding prior to being noticed
All holds up.

Force is felt,
Crunching, screaming, breaking.
Cause has left, pain not yet.
It soothes and kills,
I've to just wait.

Skin paves the way,
Innards spew out,
Out on the canvas it leaps,
Creating yet destroying
The dark road isn't unlit anymore.

Yelling and howling,
Squealing, caterwauling
Cries for help in the distance,
Some for me, some for themselves.

A leg, some ribs,
A rolling eye, afar.
Soul to be next
Wait almost over
Death is nigh.

See you on the other side.

153rd Weekly Poetry Contest