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194th Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: Celebrating Impulses

by Fabiyas M V

The huntsman’s horn in
The School Boy is non-
native. But he likes the

poem, hears a snake-
charmer’s pipe vicariously,
empathizes with Blake’s

boy’s love of innate
freedom, and then doodles
in boredom. Next period,

he slips down from
the top of Pythagorean
theorem. He snoozes in

the Neolithic Age at noon.
His brain balks at learning.
Teachers avoid pain with

peace of passivity. Porn
virus infects his inner
system. Parents are too

busy to install anti-virus.
He draws obscene pictures
with a charcoal, as if raping

the urinal wall. He rises
up in the hashish fumes
and floats in the space.

Holes in the thought-layer are
invisible to him. He runs
wild, celebrating impulses.

An unrefined man is
a malignant growth
from the negligence.

First appeared in The Literary Hatchet.

194th Weekly Poetry Contest