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246th Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: Beyond the Edge of Alien Desire

by Bruce Boston

Seduced by pheromones
more potent to the senses
then my species’ own,
I ride her blue cries
to crimson excitations,
and for a trembling instant
the light years between
our limbs collapse.

Charged by the tendrils
of her spiked electric fur
to telepathic sight,
I feel pain raining down,
see blue fields blown
in the searing light,
know the wiles of victims
for the pale glabrous beasts
who handle them by night.

At dawn the dreadnaughts leap,
another world to take.
I'll be safe in cold sleep,
her scent still upon me,
blue miles to go before I wake.

Appeared in Star*Line

246th Weekly Poetry Contest