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251st Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: SUNDIAL

by Ciarán Parkes

I almost pass it by,
its autumn moon above
damp leaves, its aquiline,
symbol-cratered face.

No sun shining down
through the matted branches
but I feel a shadow lift
looking at the gnomic

inscriptions, the numerals,
the careless, glittering deities
in eternal sunlight, moving
above our half-lit world.

I imagine dappled leaves,
the trees above in blossom
till dampness creeping up
my trousers bring me back

to a less illustrious time.
I notice the ravages
of visiting birds, the weeds
growing in sodden chains.

I check my watch, returning
to the gnawing tedium
of my tethered life,
the long walk home.

251st Weekly Poetry Contest