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Deliver Us

by SquidWaffle

Deliver Us

As they burn the pretty ladies in their pretty lacy gowns
And the cheering and the jeering is arising in the town,
Lord, deliver us from evil is their thought and is their prayer
And I know it’s only luck that I’m not also burning there.
For they take the pretty ladies in their pretty lacy gowns,
And they tie them and they beat them as a warning to the town;
If we banish all temptation and we burn it all away
Then deliveréd from evil we may all become someday.
It’s their fault for being tempting, says the leader of the town;
You can see their heaving bosoms through their pretty lacy gowns.
And I know that I must stifle my awakening desire
Or tomorrow I may find myself a-burning in the fire.

99th Weekly Poetry Contest