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The Mist

by Miles T. Ranter

The Mist

We danced that day as two who knew the mist.

As evening cooled the meadow drew the mist.

Orion shyly peeked above the ridge.

Cygnus, spread your wings, pursue the mist!

Each evening the red foxes roam the valley.

Like them, there was a time you knew the mist.

One night the moon came up, unrolled its rays.

A screeching raptor woke and slew the mist.

I called your name, called loud a thousand times!

A katydid responded through the mist.

Far-off, the owls tu-whit tu-whoo the mist.

They infiltrate my mind. I rue the mist.

The songbirds have all gone, the leaves have dried.

Only bats that dimly view the mist.

The breeze picked up across the distant hills.

None can remove the breath from you, the mist.

I watched a flock of martins heading south.

Then, clean away, a blizzard blew the mist.

(Appeared in Lucid Rhythms and Autumn Sky Poetry Daily)

96th Weekly Poetry Contest