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The Globe Theater London

The Globe theater is a re-installment (in its previous original place) of the theater Shakespeare and other artists of the time used as a place to display their work.
It was a much less civil place at the time, you could find dancing bears right next to the Shakespeare's plays, people were selling livestock, yelling and drinking ale. It is one of the reasons most Shakespeare plays have really powerful opening lines. Actors were almost aggressive in the first few lines, because they had to turn the audiences attention to the stage.
This link will lead you to one of the greatest Shakespeare's experts of our time, British linguist, academic, and author, brilliant lovely men I had pleasure to meet when he gave lecture in Serbia - David Crystal. link to his wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Crystal

He is explaining original pronunciation of Shakespeare's plays, but you also get to see the installment of the theater :)

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