Children's Service

When Christ into the Temple came,
Just ere His foes assail'd Him,
With voices loud above the crowd
The little children hail'd Him.

Here in His house, on this His day,
Our Lord is ever nighest,
And we will sing unto our King
Hosanna in the highest!

Because to us in Baptism
A new life He hath given,
A better birth than that of earth,
And made us heirs of Heaven.

Because His vows are on our souls,
His soldiers made so newly,
To bear His cross through gain and loss,
And ever serve Him truly.

Because He loved the little ones,
And to His side He bid them,
" Suffer them ye to come to Me, "
He said to those who chid them.

Because He carries home His lambs,
And folds them by the river,
Where waters flow and pastures grow
Green in His Church for ever.

Because He saw from Heaven's bright home
A world in darkness lying,
And came to win our souls from sin,
And gave us life by dying.

So draw we nigh to Thee, dear Lord,
Who all our needs suppliest,
And sing Thy praise and shout always
Hosanna in the highest!
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