How Brief is Life

Lord , as the seasons onward roll,
Teach us to feel how brief is life:
Youth, manhood, age, all pass away,
And Death's own calm succeeds the strife.

We meet, and part! how fleet the hour,
It goes like shadow o'er the plain;
We feel a throb of heartfelt joy,
And then we realize the pain.

But yonder is a changeless clime,
And yonder is a fadeless spring,
Unending is the worship there,
Unending is the song they sing.

And may we not assemble there,
And never more again dismiss?
While Pastor, Teachers, Children, all,
Soar upward, onward, into bliss.

Yes, Father, yes, how sweet the thought!
Oh, may we fill those courts above;
And, as one blessed band, enjoy
A whole eternity of love.
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