I deal with farmers, things like dips and feed.

Who makes ends meet, who's taking the knock,
Government tariffs, wages, price of stock.
Smoke hangs under the light.

Rocks writhe back to sight.
Mussels, limpets,
Husband their tenacity
In the freezing slither--
Creatures, I cherish you!

Keep it off!
By night, snow swerves
(O loose moth world)

Lit shelved liners
Grope like mad worlds westward.

The wine heats temper and complexion:
Oath-enforced assertions fly
On rheumy fevers, resurrection,
Regicide and rabbit pie.

The bells discuss the hour's gradations,
Dusty shelves hold prayers and proofs:
Above, Chaldean constellations
Sparkle over crowded roofs.
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