After a speech to the superintendent respecting
some noisy plumbing, we pack the car and
say goodbye to Philly. Finally free, we leave
our grievances behind us and make for the shore.
After all, there is no law against having a little fun.
Prohibiting a speedy journey, traffic eventually eases,
and we arrive peaceably at our destination.
Outside Congress Hall, a bridal party has started
to assemble while people passing by stop
to point and stare.
We check in to the historic establishment
and petition the concierge for the Buchannan suite.
After getting settled, we take in some exercise
with a stroll along the promenade before returning
for supper and a show in the Grand Ballroom.
Saturday we redress the sufferings of unrelenting
workaday routines with the freedom of the sun and sand.
We press our weary bodies onto long loungers and
sip Marbec under a yellow and white striped beach tent
while children build sandcastles nearby. Sunday morning,
abridging our private leisure, we take our weekly
application of religion at Our Lady Star of the Sea.
At the end of Mass, we light a candle for the country
on the anniversary of its independence and pause
to reflect that by virtue of our birthright
we are blessed beyond measure.

published by Hard Freight 



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