Are you looking for ESA letter for your pet? The common conception is that cats liked to be left alone and are not as adept at activities and games. This is an overstatement that might only be true only in comparison to their counterparts, dogs. 


Cats love games and activities as much as any other animal. Through these activities, their innate predatory instincts are engaged and lead to them interacting with the activities with much energy and enthusiasm.


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These activities are beneficial for your companion cat especially if s/he helps curb your emotional problems. Make sure to apply for an legally register emotional support dog to make sure that your cat remains with you at all times, during travels as well as in your housing unit. Interacting with your ESA cat will only strengthen the bond between you and your companion cat.


Here are some of the activities and games you can use to interact with your pet animals:

An object attached to a string

Moving an object in front of your cat will activate its predatory instincts and it will try to catch the object as it moves away. The best way to do this is to fix a string at the end of a long stick, with an attractive object such as feathers dangling at the end of the string. Waving the object near and away from the cat or dragging it on the ground will make your cat pounce on the object. You will be required an esa letter for housing fro your pet


Try to fizz it object away from the cat using the stick and let your cat enjoy the rush of a fleeing ‘prey’. 

Make a game out of eating treats and food

Cats are intelligent animals with a keen sense of smell. You can buy a toy food container for your cat that leaks out food from holes on its sides as it’s rolled around and played with. This puts a bit of fun into plain eating. You can start off this technique by using treats that your cat especially likes, later you can move onto normal cat food.


You can do this at your home by using small cardboard or a plastic container, making holes on the sides, and securing the opening or the lid. With a bit of creativity, you can achieve more.

Whereas, the process of esa registration is very simple and less time taking.

Play fetch with your cat

Cats can play fetch as well as dogs can. Make sure that you accustomed your kitty cat with fetching things that it finds interesting from the start. Your cat will initially be only content with catching the object, but at times bring it back to you to throw it again. You can take this opportunity to reinforce the habit by providing your cat with treats when it does that. 

Use your tablet games to engage your cat

There are plenty of games that you can download on your tablet that is designed especially for cats. Many of these applications are free of cost. These apps work by showing insects or moving lasers on the screen which your cat can ‘squash’ with their soft paws. Cats tend to love these games, and the bigger the screen can be the better it is for them. 


You can use these apps to engage your cat while you are busy with some other work and feel that your cat needs some activity to cheer him/her up.

An emotional support animal certification can be done online by visiting ESA website

Make the best out of old card boxes and shopping bags

Cats love closed spaces and love to get in and out of them. You can cut out shapes in cardboard and allow your cat to escape and enter through various openings. If you have a wide shopping bag lying around, provide it with your cat, who will take no time to slip inside it. You can then use a stick to poke from outside, letting your cat have a go at the stick through the plastic sheet. 



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