Time is a man-made concept in an attempt to gain control of the days of our lives, but is one thing we cannot see, will never stop, and do not possess.
On occasion its given, we think we take it, but it can't be held in our hand.
It flies, it runs, even appears to stand still, but it is not alive.
It might be spent, borrowed, even lent, but holds no monetary value.
I say it's mine, you claim it to be yours, yet no man truly owns it.
It may be found, lost, or watched, although it can't be seen.
It's said to have had a beginning, most are eager for its end, no one hopes to see it's last, and continually it goes on.
We measure it as either too long or too short and usually we don't have enough of it.....
But reality is that each and every one of us live on and according to GOD'S TIME!!!



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