One Angel

“A HOMELY little woman with big hands”:
'Twas thus she named herself, and shook her head
All solemnly, the day that we were wed,
While I—well, I laughed lightly as I said,—
“No prince am I astray from fairy lands,
O, ‘homely little woman with big hands’!”

“My homely little woman with big hands”
I called her ever after,—first, intent
On irony and admonition blent;
Then out of—since she smiled—pure merriment;
And lastly, from sheer lack of reprimands.
Brave, homely little woman with big hands!

My homely little woman with big hands,
Somehow, grew almost beautiful to me
As time went by. Her features I could see
Grow ever fairer; and so tenderly
The strong hands clung, their touches were commands,
Dear homely little woman with big hands!

A homely little woman, with big hands
Folded all patiently across her breast—
The plain face fair and beautiful in rest—
But O, the lips that answer not when pressed!
“Make me,” I cry to God, who understands,
“A homely little angel with big hands!”
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