S. From Perimedes: The Blacksmith (1588)

The Black-Smith, /
A golden methode, how to vse /
the minde in pleasant and pro- /
fitable exercise. /
Wherein is contained speciall principles fit for the /
highest to imitate, and the meanest to put in practise, /
how best to spend the wearie winters nights, or the /
longest summers Euenings, in honest /
and delightfull recreation. /
Wherein we may learne to auoide idlenesse and wan- /
ton scurvilitie, which diverse appoint as the end / of their pastimes. /
Heerein are interlaced three merrie and necessarie /
discourses fit for our time: with certaine /
pleasant Histories and tragicall tales, which / may breed
delight to all, and offence /
to none. /
Omne tulit punctum, qui miscuit vtile dulci. /
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