Pu Sa Lang

In the red chamber, our parting night, sadness
Incense candlelight, half rolled curtains hanging
The crescent moon above the gate
And in tear we bid farewell

Gold emerald feather tied on your pipa
And its four strings sang like oriole
It urged me to come home
It begged me to return soon
Coz the one behind the green gauze glows like a bloom

Everyone says the River South is nice
Visitor should settle there and get old
The spring river there blue like sky
In a painted boat, hear the raindrops while doze

The women in the bar like moon
Their fair arms shine as frosty snow
Oh young visitor, don't leave for home
If you leave, you will regret on the road.

But now I miss the good old days in the River South
That time I was young, and in spring I wore a thin shirt
Riding on my horse, waiting by the leaning bridge
On those chambers, red sleeves were all waving at me

Behind the golden door rings and the lime blinds
I fell drunk in the blossom bush
If I see the blooming twigs again
I swear by my gray hair, I won't go back home.

Let's toast for tonight, let's get drunk now
Raise our cup and worry not tomorrow
Treasure the good will of our host
The wine is dense like love and friendship

Only be anxious that our spring is short
And don't complain our gold cups are all full
When we've got wine, we try to be merry
Oh life how uncertain it is!

Spring is always beautiful in Luoyang
But the talent of Luoyang grow old in this foreign town
There the willow must cover the King Wei riverbank
And now I feel I've been long lost

Here the peach-blossom by the green ripple again
The Mandarin ducks bath in pairs
And I'm grieving, watching the setting sun
Oh I miss you, I miss you
But you can never hear me again.

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