To the Same

Gold , before the dazzled eyes,
Cheats the world, appears, and flies;
Near or distant from the view,
Him let other dupes pursue.

I, apart from all his chains,
Blow into the air his pains;
Take the harp into my hand,
And Elysian dreams command.

Once I courted him — but he
Then despis'd and laugh'd at me;
Now his arts on me are tried —
They are baffled, he 's defied.

Come, perfidious Gold! and see
What my heart prefers to thee!
Not a chord that strung the lyre
Thee shall worship, or desire.

Love depreciates all thy worth:
He whom thou wouldst chain to earth,
He whom thou wouldst buy to cheat,
Spurns thy jewels at his feet.

Thou , in Pleasure's venal train,
Beauty's altar canst profane;
Thine is bought and perjur'd bliss,
Hymen's mercenary kiss.

Fly to the Pactolian shore;
There, alone, thyself adore!
Mine the harp and Cyprian Dove —
Short repast, and years of love .
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