Wit's Pilgrimage - Part 100

Why sing I then in this too louing Straine
When Loue, and I do so vnkindly far?
This Vaine in me, may seem as light as vaine;
Who stil turnes Coward in Loues hottest War:
Besides, my state of Fortune Body, Mind,
Are all aduerse to light Loues amity.
How is it then I am to loue so Kind
As to seem subiect to his Empery?
The Cause is weak, though strong in strange Effects,
Which Men, how staid so ere, by Wind doth moue:
Some cal it Fame, that nought but Aire respects
And, sooth to say, for It I sing of Loue:
And though they write best, that write what they feel
Yet, edgd by Fame , I fetch Fire out of Steele.
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