Poem of the day: classic

Pembrok's most peerelesse sonne, a bi brite peer ,
Heroicke Lord, dayne me to call you heere,
I know the birth from which you are descended,
Lively proclames you by , this height attended,
Is with bright rayes of brightnesse which shine cleare,
Peerelike which sets you forth a high brite peer.

Hi though you be, yet daine you nerethelesse,
Even bowels of a true Peer to expresse,
Regarding of the poore and sending forth
Brightly on them, the brightnes of your worth,
Each one may say then very well,
Rightly doe Herberts by bright peeres excell.
That in your very name, help by bright peer ,
Expressing forth your bounty shining cleare.

Poem of the day: member

My Translation

By the Mother of Gido Sanshi

If it’s my future fate
That you will find it hard
To remember me—

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