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Tansen, the singer, in great Akbar's Court
Won great renown; through the Badshahi Fort
His voice rang like the sound of silver bells
And Akbar ravished heard. The story tells
How the King praised him, gave him many a gem,
Called him chief jewel in his diadem.
One day the singer sang the Song of Fire,
The Deepak Râg , and burning like a pyre
His body burst into consuming flame.
To cure his burning heart a maiden came
And sang Malhar, the song of water cold,
Till health returned, and comfort as of old.
— Mighty thy Teacher must be and divine, —
Great Akbar said; — magic indeed is thine,
Learnt at his feet. — Then happy Tansen bowed
And said, — Beyond the world's ignoble crowd,
Scorning its wealth, remote and far-away
He dwells within a cave of Himalay. —
— Could I but see him once, — desired the King,
— Sit at his feet awhile, and listening
Hear his celestial s...

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member poem of the day

rewarded once
on sight unseen
this gift’s delight
a daylight dream


the beggar bare
he seeks his alms—
the woman walks
he’s lost his charm


a jailed man rich
he sits and waits
in a block cell Ritz
without a gate


winter bare
the dead leaves wait
in springtime prayer
for a lover’s mate


unearthed in bombs
the craters claim
an ancient’s tale
of human shame


before Creation
cast in stone
we built this world
on what was sown