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Classic poem of the day

I live among the grasses,
And watch them growing high,
And as the summer passes
They seem to touch the sky.

The Spiders are my neighbours,
Busy people they,
I watch them at their labours,
Spinning day by day.

The Earwig comes a-calling,
The Ladybird as well,
And snails go slowly crawling,
And Slugs, without a shell.

The Bumble, fat and furry,
A flying visit pays,
And Caterpillars hurry
Adown the grassy ways.

I am your little brother,
A Mouse in brown and grey,
So if we meet each other,
Please let me run away!

member poem of the day

in search of love
to warm those cold nights
when frost hangs from every window pane
and the ground feels like its twenty below
and all the good we do
is reduced to a negative number
and there is no place to run
as you attempt to hide from the pain
as we search for love.