Candyland Madness

I so want to express how I feel
Yet how is it when I try
The words don't seem to come out
Its like a turbulence of feelings
Of emotions all clouded up
Its like im drowning in a cup of water
Spinning and churning
Overwhelmed in my own doubt
In thoughts and assumptions
Tying my own noose
My hands at my neck
They lead to anger and weakness
Chaos and my own Demise
The anxiety increases
As the emotions build up inside
Release is needed
Contemplation and actions best left aside
A breather a chance catch my breath
To get this heavy knot and feeling out of my chest
I get lost in my own mind
The outcomes is rarely fine
I need to stop acting
Listening to my mind
The voices and the words
The hateful and the judging
I need to feel the love
The love that's inside
The power and the magic
The blood in my veins
Alive, Alive, I need to feel Alive
Cold and Dead needs to be put aside
My eyes turn to daggers
The all seeing kind
Sharp like a blade
They can cut like a knife
Sometimes I feel so dead
I feel ghost like
Only half alive, Zombie, petrified
I need to flip the switch
I need to snap out of it
Back to reality back to the clan
Form the coven and not forget who I am
Bind all the ties I need to combine the three
I need to open my eyes
Revive my heart
Get back my breath that was stolen from me
Undead and Resurrected
Balanced and Gifted
Blessed beyond Belief
I need to hold onto my Spirituality
Shine the light that was given to me
Share the knowledge the higher bestowed upon thee
More than a dream
Reality at the seems
The veil will be lifted
For the dawning of a new Reality