What would a real man do with a flower?

Upon finding a beautiful blossom;
Would he dig it up and leave its roots up to dry and die,
or would he shower it and hold it up to the light?

Upon finding a plucked pedal;
Would he trample through the rest of the stem,
or would he check on the growth of the soon to stun?

Upon finding a solemn seed;
Would he eat it,
or would he grow it?

Would it matter to him how elaborate or simple the flower is before he decides to ruin its future?

Him or her,
flower or weed,
one who destroys another for no reason but because it is not pretty enough,
is petty enough.

Color and shape is most likely deceiving.

Scarlets and anthocyanins could very well be harmless to the sight.

Studs and thorns could very well be harmless to the touch.

We are all people,
we are all flowers.

We all want respect,
we all want growth.

Do not go and dig flowers out of the ground,
pluck pedals,
step on stems,
or eat seeds.

if anyone ever dares to turn a radiant color into something decayed,
use what is left of the decay to help others transform into something brighter than you ever were.

Perhaps suppression leaves room for something wilder.