How To

Walk with only one headphone in,
don’t slouch,
keep your legs closed when you sit,
don’t wear skirts above your fingertips,
wear earrings,
wear perfume when leaving the house,
don’t show your midriff,
don’t let them think you’re easy,
don’t put on too much makeup,
but wear makeup for important events,
don’t ask for it,
let the man pay for dinner,
don’t let him think you are equal,
park next to a light post when shopping at night,
don’t talk to strangers,
lock your car doors once inside,
carry a weapon with you,
don’t go walking at night,
let men tell you what to do with your body
don’t wear boyish clothes,
don’t look too sexy,
don’t go out alone,
don’t ask for it,
smile when he asks you to,
don’t stay out too late,
take care of him even if he won’t take care of you,
don’t mumble,
hold your chin up,
know how to speak up (but not too loudly), 
don’t do the extra order of fries,
don’t get a salad (it looks like you’re trying too hard),
don’t have too many curves, don’t be too skinny,
don’t have too many make friends (they’ll think you’re a slut),
don’t ask for it,
when a man asks for your number give it to him,
smile when he asks you to,
work twice as hard to be rewarded less,
don’t ask for a raise,
don’t breastfeed in public,
get drunk but not too drunk,
don’t take up too much space