Living in a World of Giants

When the Giants come
striding across our borders,
indifferent to our predictions,
immune to the ingenuity
of our finest technologies,
showing no mercy or regret,
we are helpless before them.

The Giant Wind roars
with irresistible force,
crushing trees and houses,
leaving us without power
in the depths of night

The Giant Rain beats
steadily against the land,
swelling rivers beyond
their banks, flooding
our towns and our lives.

Earth, the greatest Giant
of them all, shakes violently,
toppling buildings and skyways,
sending towering mountains
of ocean rushing against
our shores to raze and
decimate entire cities.

Time and again these Giants
rage through our world,
having their way with us,
indifferent to our forecasts,
immune to the gimmicks
of our human technologies,
showing no pity or remorse,
making sure we remember
how circumstantial we are.

Appeared in Silver Blade