Post Consumer


came too late.

Death had passed...
kissing blistered skin
hushing pained cries
soothing all the pains
with forever sleep.

We slipped beneath
the acrid smog, smoke
and smelters to dream of
greener places and no
tumors in the morning…

...because there are no
mornings—not for us.

We were laid to waste
by our waste. The apocalypse
was not fire and brimstone
singing angels and flaming sword.
It was slow, seeping death
sinking into the pores, spores
of progress propelling us
and expelling us.

Consumers gone
because repentance
came too late.


Angela Yuriko Smith's picture
Thank you and thank you! I was over the moon with the news about the Pushcart nomination. My husband woke me up with it. I was dead asleep when he asked if I knew I'd gotten nominated. I mumbled something unintelligible and then his words filtered through and woke me up. What a great start to the day ;D

Angela Yuriko Smith

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