Poverty burns


Burnt faces, burnt skins,
burnt memories,
burnt future,
poverty burns like the furnace.

dilapidated houses, licking roofs,
old torned Inherited crooked sofa,
out of school children, kids infidelity,
angry fathers, lying mothers,
poverty burns like wildfire.

hunger lined faces, flat crying tommy,
kwashiokored infants, scavengered children,
chronic diseased kids,
lost purpose, wasted lives,
no food no future
poverty burns like hell.

Hope in no hope,
bad governance, politicians birth in corruption,
opaque government, unfair taxation, broken promises
useless certificates, haunted careers
poverty seems like a disease.

cleric living large,
angry gods taking sacrifice for their pocket need,
unanswered prayers,
dying souls, dead faiths
dreams never harvested in reality,
beautiful temples but old fashioned houses
poverty is a brainwash not a disease.