She Goes it Alone

She goes it alone. No ounce of fear
No one behind her, nary a peer

The road ahead shows no reprieve
All signs forward read, “You need to leave”

But she carries on despite the omens
Leaving behind her lucky tokens

She’s doing it herself, this is a must
Proving to herself she’s worth the fuss

Nothing special ‘bout it, no fancy mods
Just determination and forgettin' the odds

After all the stumbles, the end it nears
Squashing the remainder of what’s left of her fear

The sweat’s in her eyes
But she sees the prize
Taking deep breaths, she lengthens her strides

Disregards the incredible pain
And reflects on where she came

Standing at the top, the joy, it hits her
This day of her life, she’s of the victors

The journey she’s on is far from finished
But she’s ready for the trials, hope undiminished