Song of Woodland Trail

Aloft and illustrious I travel woodland trail,
Compassionate, joyful, the world at my feet,
The winding path of nature carrying me wherever my heart desires.

No more shall I seek sweet riches, I am surrounded by nature’s riches,
No more shall I worry, no more shall I discern, my mind intoxicated with uncertainty.
Finished with quibblings, quarrels, questions and concerns,
Faithful and fulfilled I travel woodland trail.

The sun, that is sufficient,
I do not long for the company of nighttime anymore,
I know they shall laugh and dance without me,
I know they are enough for themselves.

You trail, I believe there is more to you than this,
I believe there is here much unseen, much uncertain.
You trail, who has comforted my brother and my sister,
Comforted them for me, though they did not know me,
I sing you.

Elate and imaginative I travel woodland trail,
Companioned, ecstatic, life surrounding,
The luring path of nature calling me wherever my heart inspires.