what i said

i know
     what hurt feels like.
do you?
i know
     what empty feels like.
           empty is a big pit of nothing/silence and
empty is alone even when there are people all around.
do you?
i am going to fly one day.
     more than anything, i wish to go up
           in flames.
to feel myself floating through the wind,
             over you and them and
clogging your throats until you can’t
until you know how i felt,
           every day.
do you know?
     what empty feels like.
what hurt feels like.
you will.
- what i wish i said

i am not angry.
that would be easy and this
     is hard.
i am empty, and i know
           how it feels,
and i know that i do not wish it upon anybody else,
     not even
- what i said, the truth