"Don't try this at home." They said
With that being said I took to the playground and gave my classmates an 'Attitude Adjustment,'
It's not that I had anger issues, but with television giving impressionable children the impression that the only avenue for solving problems is through violence,
I obviously submitted to the teachings of television,
And following my submission to the screen, I spun Stan into submission,
I didn't put him in an 'Angle Lock' because I was working an angle to impress an angel... no!
It was because I needed to blow off steam and with my self esteem being low,
It was only a matter of time before things started to blow!
The back story has nothing to do with a damsel,
That matter, in black and white was about crayons!
Because if you steal a child's crayons it's going to be a red letter day for you, leaving you feeling blue by being beating by a brown boy!

We got off track there, like a train derailed dealing damages and death by the dozens... we got... off track!
What was the subject? Wrestling and television!
The message then changed to "don't try this at home or school,"
Which lead to 'Suplex City' relocating to the library!
Subsequently Stan asked; "can you dig it...sucker?"
Which resulted in him being overtaken by The Undertaker!
Because had I delivered the 'Tombstone Pile driver' properly, I would be the Undertaker and he... a dead man!
Which resulted in the modern, "don't try this at home, school or anywhere."
Ugh... democracy!

I forgot what I wanted to rant about, I know that I wanted to wrestle an issue bigger than wrestling!
Instead my mind blacked out as if it received the 'Big Show's 'Knockout Punch.'
We blame bad parenting as result of children getting out of hand because problems are handled using their hands,
But in order to get a good handle on the matter when need to - on occasion - drop kick the television!
Yes! We need to handle the television by giving it the back hand!
There is too much toxicity on the telly,
And pointing fingers at the screen instead of the screenwriters is the same as slamming substances instead of suppliers as well as users!
Even though I have the gold medal in complaining, some readers are treating the author like Kurt Angle and saying "you suck... you suck... you suck!!!"
Lies have been told, which is why I gave propaganda some sweet chin music!
And a DDT to the delusions dealt daily in droves around the globe!

One... two... three! And the winner is...