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Monday, November 28, 2016 to Monday, December 5, 2016
Contest type: 
Poetry contest
Poem Name Submitted By Likes Comments
Woodland Music Miles T. Ranter 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Weight Ryan Stone 3 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
CHRISTMAS IN JULY Ciarán Parkes 2 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Another Week Mary Soon Lee 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Living Room Fabiyas M V 2 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Robot Joe CheeryTheory 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Eating our young Jonathan May 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Beautifully Broken Desiree Cady 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
New Note moon.calf 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Ghost Owl Sara Backer 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Inextinguishable ashleajayne 2 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Made of Magic Dane Giuffre 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Wishful Husband Bruce Boston 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
open door rickjstassi 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Captured Ainecat 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
It's Not Complicated stevieslaw 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
More of my solutions Scott Bryson 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Isolated Voices angeliclayer 4 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Wild Hunt frithar 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Secret Knowledge Cathy Bryant 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Winter is Awake iiPhugs 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
-ology MHPayne 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Repercussions Shannonshay 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Venus Rising TeriBeth 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Endless ChristinaSng 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Dry Counties cartervance 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
I Love Christmastime Janice Canerdy 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Seventeen Lee Nash 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
One Year Later: The Geographical Cure Eileen 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
(Whispers Everything to me in the Darkness) iccunnin 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
ON A ROLL chadmhorn 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Sustenance Sarah Russell 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]