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20th Weekly Poetry Contest winner: Reciprocation

by elebyebonee

her hands too full of the giving to receive, he became accustomed to the taking.
the forever full well of all she worked to become.
never could imagine it was fault of him.
her shrinking.
his growing.
felt she wasn't made for his stature, too small of a woman for a man like him.
convinced himself she was too frail to handle the weight.
feet steady she stood.
open palmed, closed mouthed.
taught to be all her man needs, regardless of the emptying.
"that's role you were born to play." mama said, "men will be men & women will be all else.
expect nothing from a man that has shown you all of him."
first time soon she'll hear her voice again, feel the hunger again.
pains be catalyst, be the thunder that shakes loose lazy love.
blessed be the rain for the coating. the silk that settles on skin, these days she be her own well wishes.

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