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Classic poem of the day

I love all shining things —
the lovely moon,
The silver stars at night,
gold sun at noon.
A glowing rainbow in
a stormy sky,
Or bright clouds hurrying
when wind goes by.

I love the glow-worm's elf-light
in the lane,
And leaves a-shine with glistening
drops of rain,
The glinting wings of bees,
and butterflies,
My purring pussy's green
and shining eyes.

I love the street-lamps shining
through the gloom,
Tall candles lighted in
a shadowy room,
New-tumbled chestnuts from
the chestnut tree,
And gleaming fairy bubbles
blown by me.

I love the shining buttons
on my coat,
I love the bright beads round
my mother's throat.
I love the coppery flames
of red and gold,
That cheer and comfort me,
when I'm a-cold.

The beauty of all shining things
is yours and mine,
It was a lovely thought of God
to make things shine.

member poem of the day

Lavish lilac layers lace lofty laurel lambent
lyric lanterns,  
luxurious largesse.
Loop-de-loop lotus lightweight limerick,
laughter lattice lampoon laden labyrinthine label,
light-hearted leonine loyal luscious,
lucid lissome leisurely land loper’s locket.
Lopsided lounge lizard’s love-lies-bleeding loose-leaf.