A Ballade of an Anti-Puritan

They spoke of Progress spiring round,
Of Light and Mrs. Humphry Ward —
It is not true to say I frowned,
Or ran about the room and roared;
I might have simply sat and snored —
I rose politely in the club
And said, " I feel a little bored;
Will someone take me to a pub? "

The new world's wisest did surround
Me; and it pains me to record
I did not think their views profound,
Or their conclusions well assured;
The simple life I can't afford,
Beside, I do not like the grub —
I want a mash and sausage, " scored " —
Will someone take me to a pub?
I know where Men can still be found,
Anger and clamorous accord,
And virtues growing from the ground,
And fellowship of beer and board,
And song, that is a sturdy cord,
And hope, that is a hardy shrub,
And goodness, that is God's last word —
Will someone take me to a pub?


Prince, Bayard would have smashed his sword
To see the sort of knights you dub —
Is that the last of them — O Lord —
Will someone take me to a pub?
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