A Benediction

Wrapped in the windy rains that pelt and blow
When thunders shook the crazy tavern-shed
When pealing skies were bowed about my head
I bent my ear to hear the daisies grow.

Yea: in that dim lost corner where he trod,
In rain like deluge, darkness like eclipse,
A Son of Adam took upon his lips
The love which is the loneliness of God.

Like some blind giant blessed I where I stood
Virtue and vileness, penury and pelf
Man, brute and devil, yea and death itself;
It is so darkly sealed it must be good.

On babes unborn, on nameless brows and dim
The mystic star of one man's love be seen
Nor shall man flee, in wandering ways unclean
The glory of this crown that follows him.

And no wild tyrant, with almighty ban
Who in strong madness dreams himself divine
But hears through fires of flattery and of wine
The thunder of my blessing name him man.

Hush: is it True, the old wild whisper blown,
Are heaven and earth one mighty man? then I
Lift up my head in starry blasphemy
And bless him on his everlasting throne.
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