The Character of Sir Robert Walpole

With favour and fortune fastidiously blest
He's loud in his laugh and he's coarse in his Jest;
Of favour and fortune unmerited vain,
A sharper in trifles, a dupe in the main.
Achieving of nothing, still promising wonders,
By dint of experience improving in Blunders;
Oppressing true merit, exalting the base,
And selling his Country to purchase his peace.
A Jobber of Stocks by retailing false news,
A prater at Court in the Stile of the Stews;
Of Virtue and worth by profession a giber,
Of Juries and senates the bully and briber.
Tho' I name not the wretch you know who I mean,
T'is the Cur dog of Britain and spaniel of Spain.
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