Chattie's Wood

'Twas an old respected settler, in the unrespected days,
Who had land along the North Shore and — we'll say his name was Hayes;
And he came there as a young man, when great work was to do,
And his young wife's name was " Chattie " (and, no doubt, she chatted, too).

'Twas a " small place in the country " , where they went to be care-free,
Out beyond the pleasant suburb that they now call Willoughby;
And a little wood was on it, and the trees were tall and good,
And his young wife used to dream there, so he called it " Chattie's Wood " .

" Chattie's Wood " has long since gone, and shops are standing in a row
Where the young wife went a-dreaming in the days of long ago;
How the pretty name was altered doesn't matter, anyhow;
But the wife is still remembered, as they call it Chatswood now.
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