The Cove

Here the waves a refuge find,
Hunted rain, and sobbing wind,
And darling sun.
To the velvet-thatchèd homes
Soft the sea-song silence comes
When day is done.

Here's the safeguard of each hill,
And the telling of the rill
To its dear sea.
Home to rest, the south wind brings
Ever drifted mutterings
Of tyranny.

Ships, like drunken sailors, reel,
Ships, like silver shadows, steal
Along the sky.
Rocks are green with wind-blown things,
Seaweeds furl their feathered rings,
And seabirds cry.

Corner true! thou shyest gem,
Clinging to the jealous hem
Of weary earth!
Heart's delight shall never fail,
So thou keep thy hidden tale
Of grief and mirth!
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