To Cowper

C OWPER ! who loves not thee deserves not love
From God or man, or aught that God hath formed.
Eloquent pleader for the works of God!
Pleading for all that breathes — from the poor worm
" That crawls at evening in the public path, "
To man, that treads the earth, and looks to heaven.
To the mute wonders of the Almighty hand,
As seen in mountain, valley, field, and flood,
Thou, too, hast given a voice of praise and love;
They speak to all unutterable things,
Till the full heart o'erflows, and pours " the tears
Of holy joy " into the glistening eye
Of him to whom they say — " We all are thine —
Works of a Father's hand, for thee, a child —
And given thee but as earnest of the gifts,
Richer than all thy thoughts, that now await
Thy joyful coming to a Father's home.

" O! worship then with us, while here below,
In this, the vestibule of heaven's high fane,
Whose outer lamps gild the blue vault above thee,
Whose inner courts shall call forth all thy praise. "
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