By the Cumberland

See through this lovely valley, dear,
This river ever goes,
And so on through a thousand years,
Just as to-day it flows.
I sigh to see it stretching on
Through time and to the sea,
When by its banks the moments are
So brief for you and me.

Of the long line of human hearts,
'Tis marvelous to think,
Which have so throbbed with hope and love
Along this sandy brink;
While one by one they slipped away
In all the ages gone,
With ceaseless glide and slipping flood
The river traveled on.

I know our time is brief and we
So soon must go, as they,
But, dear, my thoughts have been far more
Upon our bliss to-day.
For one short hour to hold your hand
And kiss away your tears,
In happiness is more than all
This river's thousand years.
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