Drinking-Song, A. To One, Who Said, He Never Lov'd to Drink, Till the Sun Was Down


Since the Day's long, cold, dark, as Night;
Like cold, dark Night we'll spend it then;
Kindle the Fire, the Candles light,
Call for our Friends, and Bottles in;
Shut out all Business, Trouble, Care,
'Tis Night, when no Sun does appear.


Let no Cloud in your Looks be shown,
Nor Gloomy Thoughts our Minds obscure;
That in our Conversation none,
We call Friends, Coldness might endure;
If Wit's kept up, Noses shine on;
No matter, if the Sun goes down.


Without Sun, 'tis a chearful Time,
When good Friends by the good Fire sit;
And to do Reason, Drink, Sing, Ryme,
To a Friend's Health, his Love, or Wit;
Thus, if it's Round the warm Glass goes,
No matter what the warm Sun does.


Wise Drinkers, hate all Lookers on,
Disturbers of Mirth, Love, or Play;
Such is th' Intruding, Prying Sun,
Whose coming in, sends Friends away;
Minds them of Sleep, or Business so,
To Merry-Meetings the worst Foe.


To Drink without Disturbance then,
Let's Drink till Spies to Bed are gone;
What's said, or done's not heard, or seen,
So, shall we 'scape that Spy, the Sun;
Which is sure, as all other Spies,
A Check on all Good Companies;


More Happy, Long, to make our Days,
Then, let us still turn Day to Night,
And Night to Day, more Mirth to raise;
As Wine, takes from us more our Sight:
Our Glasses Round, the Sun shan't stop,
Like Friends, we'll Drink him down, and up.
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