By a Friend

I HAVE heard thy sweet voice in the song,
And listened with delight —
I've seen thee in the glittering throng,
The fairest mid'st the bright —
I've mark'd thee smile on gallants gay,
And envied them the lot,
While from the crowd I turn'd away,
Alone regarded not.

Oh, Lady! it were vain, I own,
To hope for charms like thine!
The brow that would beseem a crown
Will frown on love like mine:
That form of light — that heavenly face,
Those eyes of sweetest hue,
Were form'd some kingly throne to grace,
And not for me to sue.

Yet, though forbidden by despair
The dream of happier hours —
As once I wreath'd thy sunny hair
With Summer's brightest flowers —
I'll follow still, with love unseen,
Thy smile, thy voice's tone;
My heart shall own no other queen,
But worship thee alone.
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