The High Master and the Abbot of Fulham

All ye who list a ballad sad
All ye who list a ballad new
—O hearken, hearken, ladies gay
—And melancholy ladies too.

—O hearken, hearken ladies gay
O pray you hearken unto me
And ye shall hear of the stoutest Prince
That dwelt in all the West Countie.

O hearken, hearken ladies gay
I rede ye hearken unto me
And ye shall hear of the proudest priest
Of all the priests in Christentie.

King Walker in the board-room sat
I trow he drank the good red wine
And to him came the holy Hilyard
God send that lot it be not mine.

“Now Christ thee saine, thou holy Hilyard
Now Christ thee saine and see
May I be Watkyn if I can
What thou would'st have with me”

“Now Christ thou saine, thou Mighty Walker
Now Christ thou sain, and also see,
It is a good half-holiday:
I come to ask of thee.

I know the jolly rifle-corps
Thy merry men, Lord King:
And I ask their guard for the Queen's daughter
To her own home to bring:

Then Walker from the table rose
And a great oath sware he
“And what to me is the Queen's daughter
And who the devil may she be.”
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