The Literal Land

The heroine who is a Pearl-fisher dwelling on an islet off Fairyland is fished
up on board. She explains to the people on the yacht the law of Fairyland,
that everything is realised which anyone mentions or desires.

Through secret seas of blue and gold and skies of blood and fire
We sail with leaping canvas to the Land of Heart's Desire.
No wonder that its skies are queer, all red and green and grey
When the people there are wishing different weathers all the day.

But O my friends, of naughty names and similes beware;
When Uncle Brown is rude at tea don't call him " an old bear "
For you'll be even more disturbed when in a flash you see
A grizzly Bear as big as a house sit bolt upright to tea.

If you should call your children " pigs " because they bite their nails
The incautious word will fill the room with squeaks and curly tails.
A man once said " the lion's share " with metaphoric pride;
He was eaten by his metaphor — which is not dignified.

When merry friends around your board incline to sing and spout
Don't talk about your quarters as the place where you " hang out "
For it is really awkward from Society to swing —
And find yourself outside the window, flapping on a string.

But once my eyes beheld a sight that baffled blood and breath,
To paint it were a madman's dream to dream of it were death.
The screaming farmers reeled afar, the fowls of heaven fled off
For in the centre stood the horse who really ate his head off.

Through secret seas of green and gold and skies of blood and fire
We sail with leaping canvas to the Land of Heart's Desire.
We're near it now: I've warned you — I've told you all I've seen
If we make any muddles now we must be jolly green
( screams ) Ah!

(The whole group has gone green in a strong emerald light thrown on the stage. They all rise in tumult. The ship has crossed the boundary.)
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