Crazy bitch

You are never happy

All you do is sit and cry


Crazy bitch

What's your problem

You can never give a reason why


Crazy bitch

You are fired

You should have smiled politely


Crazy bitch

You are wrong

Even though the man got in your face frighteningly


Crazy bitch

Why don't you like me?

I said that you were pretty


Crazy bitch

You don't want me?

Never mind I always thought you were ugly


Crazy bitch

I love to see you mad

So I make you bitterly angry


Crazy bitch

Slow down, chill out

No reason to be so hasty


Crazy bitch

I'm sorry I forced myself on you

You know you had it coming


Crazy bitch

I was drunk

So it's ok, it was nothing


Crazy bitch

I'm leaving

Found someone better than you


Crazy bitch

You are done

There is nothing left of you


Crazy bitch

You won!

All that's left to do is you


Crazy fucking bitch




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