I used to be a big coffee drinker
Had to have my four or five cups
Of real fresh brewed coffee

Not for me the weak instant coffee
Of decafe coffee or herbal fake coffee

But over time coffee caught up to me
And now I can not handle the real deal
And I am forced to drink decafe coffee
Which is a kind of fake coffee to me

Or herbal coffee
Which is entirely fake
Designed to taste like the real thing

But without that caffeine kick
That true coffee drinkers crave

Since we are all caffeine addicts at heart
Just need that rush to get going
And keep going

And the fake coffee
Just does not do the trick

And so, I am doomed
To drink decafe coffee
And fake coffee

Missing my real cup of coffee
Until the I enjoy the last drop

from my unpublished chapbook, "fake things" available on my web page https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.comĀ