Brainstorm cometh, damning frontal hemisphere
jamming lookout, noggin perched, roiling thinking
uber wayfaring zealot, drills legendary phalanx.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Writer's block afflicts Das scribe,
who whiz now stricken supine
adept dull livery sub par excellence
his gold standard worse

thus, another day
to slog thru arduous process
crafting admirable verse
wrestling behemoth loosed sniper
dodging enfilade broadcast sos terse.

N'er easy chore to fashion
acceptable word worth poem to whit
staring at flickering
accursed cursor doth blank stare visit

flash flooding warning saturated
gray matter fist sized unit
groundswell burgeoning leveed banks
barging signals transmit

urgent army corps of engineers
to reroute via sluice, sans surfeit
apprentice longshoreman
doth double duty

as grammarian sought to retrofit
arduous struggle ensues, where drowning
affects consummation
strong temptation quit

ditch ching progress made,
thus far in hot pursuit
mind comfortably numb
stream of consciousness

submerges concentration
entrenched deep posit
craftiness sentenced to punctuate
disequilibrium doth outwit

venerably beaded trademark
Scottish matted flair
abandoned unfinished poem
left forever stranded orbit
zero escape velocity

zinging, unsprung,
pinging mindscape nonprofit
able endeavor reflecting zeitgeist
bombarding Messerschmitt
undermining, strafing, disabling
cutting crew rescue outer limit
faint feint blinking in the twilight zone.



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