by Regina

That late summer morning, sky so cobalt blue and clear,
I was enjoying coffee with my coworkers,
I suddenly sensed we weren't alone in our vicinity,
minutes later, an earth shaking jolt, a roar,
a shrieking jet plane,
blazing fuel,
my coworkers screaming,
but the smoke was choking me
as I crawled, bits of glass embedded in my legs,
my hosiery twisting, taut,
my breath, then became shallow-
my own screams, my lungs bursting !
Oh God ! My lips, my skin burning !
The searing !, oh, my God, the searing !
Please, please, take this from us !

Our floor's windows blown open and jagged,
yet, there was singing, I heard such singing,
their voices so calming amidst the inferno,
the sun obscured, the sky blotted,
the wails, the agony !
Yet, I still heard their singing,
the heights did not frighten me,
and, when I jumped from the tower,
God took my soul,
and, as my body emptied of it's earthliness,
there was no more pain,
as if floating,
my family,
oh, my family,
I'll always cherish all of you.



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This poem is dedicated to all the 9/11 victims, including first responders, families, and friends of victims, and surviving victims. To the rescue dogs too. To the World Trade Center, Flight 93, and Pentagon victims, God Bless You, rest in your eternal reward.


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