Mountain Lovers

The dawn's pale finger from her eyes
Is brushing out the cobweb sleep;
See how the crimson clothes the sky,
And out of dark the mountains leap!
Now guides and hunters strap their gears,
The birds peep out, the mice run in;
A snow-wind moves the nose to tears,
And flowers to open just begin.

Then hand in hand with Lover Hope
The strong-eyed, with our feet a-swing
We'll go a-marching up the slope
Of Young Enchantment's promising.

And now the clock is set at noon;
The butterflies are kittens black;
And cowbells tumble out a tune
Which yellow bees do mumble back.
We've climbed the snow into the sky;
Below, streams run a tinkling race,
And valleys glisten drowsily,
For all the world lies on its face.
The crystals bubble from the pine,
And grasses teem with little legs —

Then drink the cup of Lover Joy,
Who, silver-naked, goes about;
Till eager heart has got its cloy
Of wine that chases trouble out.

Now Sun has mellowed out the day,
The shadows play us hide and seek.
The cricket's legs have had their say;
And burned is every traveller's cheek.
Blueberries are ripe and warm,
Sparkle-fairies swim to land;
Hay is packing to the farm,
Cows, for milkmaids begging, stand.
Flaky trouts smoke in the dish,
Amber brews invite the throat —

Then let full Plenty's droning song
Play harvest music to your ear,
Brave Lover Rest has come along
To drug the senses of his dear.

Dew is blessing all the air,
Steel-bright stars are winking points,
Hush is fallen, eyelids stare,
Rheum comes crackling at the joints.
Wood-smoke tingles in the nose,
Moon goes flying like a sail,
Frost is nipping at the toes,
Drowsy drags the evening tale.
Windy clouds like flighting geese
Mountain-mad the heavens haunt —

Then take the kiss of Lover Sleep,
Who slyly steals the light of eyes —
Let monk, and maid, and martyr, keep
Their vigils, chant their threnodies!
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