Mr. Colummy

Mr. Colummy is out in his park,
He and his tummy,
Mr. Colummy.
As soon as they see him the little dogs bark;
Oh! ever so rummy
Is Mr. Colummy.

Mr. Colummy has riz' with the lark;
Beginnings were slummy
With Mr. Colummy.
He once was a minnow, and now he's a shark.
He used to say: ‘Lumme!’
Did Mr. Colummy.

Mrs. Colummy is pretty and dark,
Awfully plummy
Mrs. Colummy!
Her parents belonged to the island of Sark.
She's not very chummy
With Mr. Colummy.

Master Colummy—his cares do not cark!—
That fat little dummy
Takes after his mummy.
There's never quite anything up to his mark;
Life's almost too crummy
For Master Colummy!
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